Going to Savita Bhabhi's house

Going to Savita Bhabhi's house



Hello friends, today I am presenting to you a new and exciting episode of Savita Bhabhi Cartoon Comics.

Savita and Shobha are close friends. You know that in the previous episodes, Savita Bhabhi had mentioned with her friend Shobha the incident of having sex with a bra salesman.

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Apart from this, you had also learned in an earlier episode that Savita Bhabhi used to give a lot of satisfaction to the penis of her office boss Mishra ji with her pussy.

In fact, apart from being Savita Bhabhi's friend, Shobha had also become the master of her erotic sex and she started coming to Savita Bhabhi to learn all this.

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So Savita Bhabhi had to help her friend in her first sexual encounter, in breaking Shobha's virginity.

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Who will be that lucky young man who will get a chance to experience this virgin youth for the first time? Is that a gym-trainer? Or that bra sale man? or someone else?

One day Shobha was going to Savita Bhabhi's house. At the same time, a call came from Savita Bhabhi's office from her boss Mishra ji and Bhabhi was forced to go to her boss and listen to him first.

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Savita Bhabhi- Shobha friend, Mishra ji has called from my office, it will take some time, till then you wait for me at my house. I will come back soon when I am free.

Shobha agreed to Savita Bhabhi's advice and went away with the keys of her house.

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Here a very interesting incident happens which has been presented in the form of a story through Chitra Katha on Savita Bhabhi's.

What happened was that Shobha went to Savita Bhabhi's house and started waiting for her.

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And then Varun, the boy from Savita Bhabhi's neighborhood, came to Savita Bhabhi's house to fuck her pussy. Varun felt that Savita Bhabhi was at home, he thought that if Ashok uncle was not at home, he should enjoy fucking Savita Bhabhi's pussy.

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Varun had not got a chance to fuck Savita Bhabhi's pussy for the last one week, so his penis was completely desperate.

Here at home, Shobha felt that till the time Savita Bhabhi arrives, she should wear and check the undergarments bought from the market.

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That's it... Shobha got naked and started checking the undergarments. In this comic, Shobha's young and virgin body has been shown so well that I think the readers' penises and pussies will start fluttering after seeing it.

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If you actually go to Savita Bhabhi's now, you will see her friend Shobha's breasts raised just like Savita Bhabhi's.

So what happened was that when Shobha was taking off her clothes and checking the new bra and panty, at the same time due to the loneliness of Savita Bhabhi's house, she started having erotic thoughts and while playing with her breasts, she started thinking that Savita Bhabhi How colorful she was, how she had accepted to get her pussy fucked by a stranger named Aman. Thinking about all these things, Shobha started caring for her pussy.

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Here Shobha was busy awakening her lust by playing with her pussy and breasts. She was thinking that if someone's thick and long penis enters her pussy, then the pussy will get peace.

On the other hand, from the peephole of the door, Varun was thinking that today I will insert my huge cock into Savita Bhabhi's pussy and fuck her thoroughly.

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When Varun peeked inside, he saw Shobha naked and fingering her pussy. As soon as he saw Shobha, he recognized that she was from his college.

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Shobha was muttering while fingering her pussy - Ahh.. let some dick fuck me..

Hearing this, Varun came inside and Shobha was suddenly shocked to see him and started unsuccessfully trying to cover her breasts with her hands.

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Shobha asked Varun in surprise – Who are you and what are you doing here?

Varun- I have recognized you, you are the beauty of my college, right?

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'Yes… but I was just trying on my clothes.'

'Don't lie, I took in everything you said. You were grumbling for cock in your pussy. Would you like my help?'

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When Shobha retorted to Varun, Varun asked him to spread this news of Shobha in the entire college, hearing which Shobha started wondering what kind of trouble has come.

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Shobha- What do you want from me?

Varun- I want you to keep doing what you were doing... meaning you keep pressing your breasts while fingering your pussy in front of me.

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Shobha tried very hard to prevent Varun from making her do all this.. but due to Varun's insistence, Shobha had to finger her pussy while massaging her breasts in front of him.

While Shobha was pressing her breasts and fingering her pussy, at that very moment Savita Bhabhi came outside.

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Savita Bhabhi thought that perhaps Shobha might have started her work. Before going inside, I should see what Shobha started doing.

When Savita Bhabhi looked secretly, she saw a very sensual scene inside, in which Varun was sitting in front of Shobha and Shobha was playing with her breasts.

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Now the story had reached such a point where Varun's cock was ready to enter Shobha's pussy.

On the other hand, Savita Bhabhi also got excited after looking at Shobha's pussy and Varun's penis for some time. She decided to catch Shobha and Varun red handed in their naked state and came inside.

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Shobha and Varun were stunned for some time. But then after seeing the game played by Savita Bhabhi, you too will be forced to masturbate.

How Savita Bhabhi also enjoyed triple sex with Varun by taking help of her pussy fucking experience. How Varun fucked the pussy of Shobha and Savita Bhabhi together, you can see all this by coming to Akankshagurgaon.in now.

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How the intoxicating youth of Savita Bhabhi and Shobha were getting fucked. How did Savita feel while caring Varun's thick cock?

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He was provoking Bhabhi and Shobha's lust further and making them dive into the ocean of lust.



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